Our Program


  • Children are taken into a ‘Prepared Environment’. By ‘prepared’ we mean equipped with certain strategically chosen elements.

  • Children go under a series of ‘free’ activities, guided by the instructors, through which they learn languages, arithmetic, basic science, art and culture.

  • Most of the activities are done in small groups under the supervision of a guide or teacher.

  • A Montessori guide is a person, trained and oriented with the Montessori philosophy, who connect with the children at an emotional level. It helps children to open up and become responsive to the process.

  • The focus remains on nurturing a child’s natural intelligence, creativity, unique skills and providing them a basic sense of aesthetics.

  • Exposure to natural environment increases their curiosity about the world around and makes them accept the natural habitat the way it is.

  • Peer interaction is an integral part of the learning process, essential to develop compassion, care as well as respect for others.

  • Behavioral training is provided to the children with the help of certain manipulative exercises instead of ‘teaching’ them certain ‘rules’.

  • Children are also taught how to maintain basic personal hygiene on their own.

  • Children are often given team works or projects that help building self-confidence and growing a habit of active participation.

  • Lessons are designed in a way that children learn to find solutions spontaneously, on their own and become self-dependent.

  • Children are provided certain equipment that help in motor development and also help in refining their five senses.

  • Games are always part of the curriculum, required for their overall growth.

  • Children are never criticized for the mistakes, they are always ‘guided’ with love and patience. different age levels

At Elder Tree Montessori we have programs for different age levels