Please Go Through The School Policies Listed Below. For More Information, Please Reach Out To Us.


• The Montessori process of learning works in a cumulative manner and so we do not recommend withdrawal of students in the middle of the session. 

• There are scheduled two weeks session breaks, one during Christmas and another in March for our CASA class. Care is available for during these time at additional cost.

• Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

• After enrollment, if any change occurs in residential address and contact information, parents are requested to inform us on an immediate basis.

Admission Eligibility

• For the CASA program, the child should be fully toilet trained but for the Toddler program that is not mandatory.

• For the CASA program, we prefer to take the child through an informal interactive session and a series of activities before enrollment. We do this to let the child accept our environment and at the same time we evaluate his/her current state of growth.

• The Directress will have a parent session before enrollment where she will discuss about the evaluation report of the interactive session.

Day care & Facilities

• We take care of the meals. We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks as per the standard nutritional guideline provided by our consultant nutritionist. Parents can find the menu displayed inside the school office. All our menus are certified as per the "Canada Health Guide".

• If the child is under any food restriction or suffering from any kind of food allergy, parents have to inform the centre.

• We do not allow outside food except on birthdays. Parents can send special treats on birthdays but that should be completely free of nut products.

• We keep a two-hour session of outdoor activities, daily, provided the weather is favorable enough.

• Children are taken for a neighborhood stroll occasionally under the supervision of the teachers.

• We arrange educational trips for our children. Parents are asked to provide us consent letters and fees for the trips. Parents need to arrange for an alternate care on those days if the child is not attending.

• Children below four years are given a nap time of two hours during the day time. But that’s not a mandate. If he/she refuses to take nap, we engage him/her in a quiet activity.

• Once a week, a special session is arranged to improve the communication skill of the child. To make it colorful and fun, we ask parents to provide some toys, books or accessories.

Drop & Pick-off

• We do not provide transportation. Parents have to drop and pick up their children or send someone if they are occupied.

• There is a late pick-up charge of $1 per minute, to be paid right away to the staff member on duty. If not paid, we issue an invoice.

• Parents can send any acquaintance or relative to pick up their child but they should inform us as early as possible. For the safety of the child, we seek sufficient information on the person who will be picking up the child on their behalf. We always ask parents to mail us a recent photograph.

• Whoever will come to pick up the child other than the parents, should not be a minor and should carry an authorized Photo ID.

Illness and Emergencies

• After morning check-in, if we find that the child is suffering from fever (more than 100.2⁰F), diarrhea, vomiting or any kind of contagious illness, we immediately contact the parents to take him/her home.

• We ask the parents to inform us if either of the parents will not be reachable on any particular day. In that case we ask for an alternate emergency contact number. Parents should provide the information to the concerned teacher.

• We do take care of the doses during the school hours if a child is on medication but parents should provide us the medicine in the original container. Parents should also submit a properly filled out instruction form and a copy of the doctor’s note.

• Parents should inform us about the cessation of medication at the earliest.

• If a child misses school for five consecutive days due to illness, we seek a copy of the doctor’s note along with a covering letter signed by the parent.

• A fit certificate issued by the doctor is required on the day of rejoining, in case the child has suffered from any serious illness or contagious disease.

Attendance & Discipline

• Although we believe in a flexible and collaborative approach, we do not encourage absenteeism due to parents’ personal inconveniences. We are always open to discussions. If they are facing any enduring problem we would like them to talk to us. Together we can find a solution.

• If the child misses school for any reason other than medical, we ask parents to send an absent note to the concerned teacher.

• We ask parents to inform the school office before 9 A.M. if the child will be absent for the day or will arrive late.

• In case of late arrival, parents have to escort the child to the classroom and hand over to the concerned teacher.

• We do not allow children to bring toys from home and we seek co-operation from the parents.

• Teaching discipline and proper behavior is part of the program. In case, parents have any difference of opinion or find any difficulty to make the child follow the disciplinary guidelines, an appointment can be fixed with the concerned teacher or the Directress to resolve the issue.

Dress Code and Belongings

• Outdoor clothes should be free of strings and long pieces.

• On the first day at school, parents should provide spare clothes, a blanket and a security toy (if the child has one) for the nap time.

• During summer, parents should send a sun hat, a bathing suit, towels and water shoes.

• During winter, parents should provide a snowsuit, boots, a neck sock, two pairs of mittens, a hat and inside shoes.

• All items and belongings should be properly labeled including the schoolbag or else it becomes difficult for the staff to trace the things, lost inside the premises.