Toddler Program

Our Toddler classroom provides a colorful, safe and tender atmosphere for the very young child to grow to his full potential. The room contains child sized furniture and activities that match the children's physical proportions and their stage of development.

The curriculum of our Montessori Toddler classroom, focused on independence and self awareness, includes:

• Practical life exercises

• Language development 

• Music & Movement 

• Arts & Crafts 

Toddlers absorb the ideas from the world around them through their sense of sight, sound and touch. They have opportunities to explore and learn about themselves and their environment.

Children choose activities of interest from the prepared indoor and outdoor environments. They go through their work period (e.g. learning to name colors, count objects etc.) and develop fine and gross motor skills. Children can use the materials with the minimum of adult assistance and they are allowed to complete the tasks without interruption or interference. In this way children build up their attention span.

They enjoy circle time where they learn how to listen, follow directions, sing songs, and enjoy story time. Ultimately, the child will find his own voice; define his own world, needs and personal space in harmony with the environment.

Ages 18 mos - 30 mos

In Toddler Program our chief focus remains on

• Providing a caring environment

• Growing healthy habits 

• Relationship building with the peers 

• Cognitive and physical development 

• Gross motor development

• Communication skill development 

• Emotional nurturing 

• Improving reflex and self-care 

• Encouraging self-expression through creativity

Toddler Classroom:

• Teacher to student ratio 1:5

• One ECE (w/Montessori training and/or experience) 

• Two assistants (as required)